Accessibility Statement

An accessible website is a website in which advanced technologies that allow people with any disability browse the website friendly and correctly have been installed. We see great importance to providing equal service to all users, and therefore we have invested enormous efforts in accessing this website. The site complies with accessibility requirements at AA level.

The accessibility means in the website:

Accessibility menu: on the left side of the screen, at the center, there are 3 buttons allowing a browser to change the font, change the color contrast and show the website in the black and white.

Website content – contents are written simply and clearly in the website allowing easy, uninterrupted and pleasant browsing.

Text size – by clicking the buttons for increasing the text size, text size in the website can be changed.

Colors – there are 2 options in the accessible website to adjust colors, show the website in black and white and change the website contrast.

Shortcut buttons –the website can be operated by a keyboard, clicking the TAB button will navigate between the various sections of the page and clickable links and sections will be highlighted.

Slider and animation – all sliders in the website have a button for stopping auto play and the option to move manually between slides.

Website is optimized for users who use screen reader and includes title and elements, alternate text for images and distribution to sections that can be skipped.

As of the date of writing this statement, September 2016, all pages in this website are accessible excluding pages that originate in other websites.

We will continue improving and maintaining the accessibility level of the website; if you have encountered a non-accessible page you are welcome to forward to us your inquiry and response by e-mail: